• Music Assistant supports both music and movie files.
  • .mp3 and .wma files for music
  • .avi, .mp4, .flv, .mkv and .wmv files for movies
  • Movie files are filtered to minimum of 100 MB of size. Because we assume that the movie files has a minimum of 100 MB of size.
  • User can have multiple selection to music files or movie files.
  • Add Folder recursively adds all the music files and movie files.
  • Added music files are added to the Last Imported Music playlist which is displays after adding all the files.
  • The added music files are then scanned to extract mp3 tags and wma tags.
  • Added movie files are entered as a pending movie which will be scanned by IMDb movie service to extract detail information about the movie.
  • Added movies are listed as New movies for the user.

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